Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fantastic Fathers!

Happy Father's day all you papa's out there... and all you double-duty single mama's too :) I'm taking a little break from all the digital art and design I've been pouring most of my working time into the past few days... You can check out some of the fruits on the new banners/avitars for and (my mom and pop's shop)... I also will be listing a new and AWESOME (if I do say so myself ;)) Alphabet poster though I haven't decided which shop it will be listed in.... and a few new digital art prints are also in the works... I've also decided to try my hand at selling banners and avitars.. I designed a few simple and basic ones to start out... if there is demand for it I may offer custom services for more elaborate CUSTOM shop banners/avitars/logos and graphics... a few teasers in the photos below...

Most letters were sent out last week with the exception of 2 single letters and 1 name, and to the recipients of those: don't worry, they are on my agenda for the next 2 weeks.

I don't know about the rest of the country but here in Connecticut it has been RAINING. and RAINING. and RAINING. for nearly the past month straight... I have managed to sneak in a bike ride here and there but nowhere near as much as I want to... and Lennon has not gotten nearly enough playground time... Not to mention the strawberry fields that are calling my name! I am so hoping that this coming week will contain a bit more sunshine than the previous few... so much to do, so short a summer :)

I did some major overhauls of my email setup, finally got outlook going, AND installed Photoshop on my main laptop (as opposed to only having it on my mom's computer that I use infrequently) so hopefully the digital creation and communication processes in my life will be MUCH easier and much less time consuming now... which should give me much more time to devote to more hands on important tasks... and for mommying..

speaking of which... Lennon said his first musician/band name yesterday (completely unprompted) and appropriately enough it was "BEATLES"! He has also been watching the yellow submarine over and over throughout these rainy weeks and is starting to sing along with "all together now"... as in counting and the ABCs :) Leave it to the Beatles to be teaching my kid the essentials, lol!

Thats about all for now, my "to do" list is getting longer and longer and not nearly enough check marks :)

Until later!


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