Thursday, May 21, 2009

Art for the MAIL in your life...

just a quickie before I hit the hay.... Took Lennon down to the playground this afternoon and in between manning the swing and pausing to "wook it airplane"s :) I did a quick photo shoot of some recent projects that I've mentioned lately.. The steering wheel cover.. the Recycled envelopes and such... I am attempting to list the Recycled Envelopes as we speak but Etsy's listing editor is giving me some hassles with uploading my photos... :( Keeps getting stuck. Anyways, hopefully those will be up tonight before I'm through.

I also spent a good portion of the day swearing at my sewing machine... but the final result made me smile wide. I created some gifts for my students in the writing class I teach. They've done an awesome job and have grown so much.. tommorrow (today?) is our last class and I wanted to give them something special. So I crafted some journals with some leftover scraps of ribbon and fabric, as well as some tacky cover but nicely blank-paged journals I had picked up for the project... I will post photos tommorrow after I have given them, since they have the website address for this blog and though it's not likely they'll visit in the next 15 hours, JUST IN CASE... I want them to be a surprise. I'm off to finish the battle with Etsy's servers, and then to join my snuggly wee one :) Have a peaceful night all...


  1. Getting a letter in one of those envelopes would be like living in a storybook!!