Thursday, May 14, 2009

A GIVEAWAY and Mother's Day ...and Many more...

What a busy week! I went to pick up my car last weekend and since then I haven't stopped! Car show was fun, and the car I was given is AWESOME :) Brought it for a quickie to my mechanic who said it's in great shape after fixing a tiny leak in the power steering system... I took it through a car wash, vaccum, the whole shebang and now it sparkles... I've also got several ideas to dress her up and give her a little bit of "personality"... I will be using canvas to make some floor cloths instead of mats.. I will be using the seat covers the previous owner left behind to make some really fun patchwork seat covers... I want to rig up a bud vase on the dash using a bottle or two from my empty bottle and random little containers collection.. and I've already begun covering the steering wheel with a felted wool contraption that (I hope) will be the best of all the projects, and nice and comfy cozy on my hands...

In other news, I have been hard at work inverting security envelopes and then embellishing the daylights out of them... Much fun and I hope they will receive good and loving homes when I place them in store soon... I have also been updating and editing listings in my ATIONS shop and replacing a few pictures in Mama Trashheap's shoppe here and there so go stop by if you have a moment, have a quick peruse and let me know what you all think of the improvements.. More are coming over this next week.

I dropped a little gift off for the wonderful car gifter this evening, you can see photo's of what I made for her below... I did forget to stick in another couple little goodies I had intended so she'll likely be receiving another care package in the mail this week.

I have decided to offer a little giveaway... A $25.00 gift certificate good for any one of my shops.. to enter leave me a comment... you may leave as many comments as you like for as many entries with a limit of ONE COUNTABLE COMMENT PER POST (so you are limited to the number of blog posts)... comments should be constructive or applicable to the post you are commenting... in other words, please do not just go through each post typing in "HERE'S MY COMMENT" or Spamming advertisements all over (though one or two plugs of your goods is fine ;)) and to receive 15 entries you can post a little blurb and link about my blog on your blog or website and then come back and tell me you did :) The contest will be going until 12:00 AM JUNE 1st 2009 . On June 1st I will place each entry in a big ole jar and pick a winner with the ever popular swish and grab technique :) Winner will be announced on my blog on June 1st-2nd. Have fun! :)

In Lennon news, he has been developing and refining his language skills like mad this week... and his wonderful childish powers of observation and association never cease to amaze me... such fun to hear him explaining the world in his uncorrupted and bubbly ways... this past weekend he pointed to the sky and told me to "LOOK IT THE TOY STORY"... so Up I looked... to see the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds that are depicted upon the walls of the bedroom of the child "Andy" in the Pixar cartoon movie TOY STORY.... I still smile when I think about it :))

On mother's day Lennon and I went and got a pancake breakfast and brought it down to the nearby lake.. we spent a good portion of last spring there before I became ill last summer... We played on the swings and dipped out toes in the cool water.... as we were tossing rocks into the gentle waves, goofing around with our dramatic sound effects and Lennon's contagious giggles it occured to me that I might have missed this... and very easily could have. Tears got the best of me momentarily... all that has happened since last mothers day, and that with the ever so slightest change in actions and outcomes Lennon could be motherless on this, his 3rd mothers day.... And I would have missed that tiny face with a ridiculously big smile and the "sploosh"ing of those rocks... I am so thankful I didn't.....

with that thought, Lennon is fast asleep and we will be getting up in way too few hours... After some budgeting issues and fee increases since my last round with the Motor Vehicle Department, and lots of paperwork digging and many hours of phone tag with insurance agencies, I will finally be going to register my car bright and early tommorrow Later I'm hoping to head over to my local green community for some R n R, good company and conversation, and a lesson in the art of Foraging for edible plants..... Needless to say, I should get on to some sleepage...
Take Care until next time,
Mama Kalee the Trashheap :)


  1. I love seeing the pictures of your little Lennon. He is adorable! The one of you in the hospital bed is so hard to see- I've been there myself. I had an issue with a health condition I didn't know I had, and ended up first in the hospital for 10 days, and then had major surgery last summer. There is nothing worse than thinking you are totally healthy, and then having a crisis hit you out of the blue. I am very glad you made it through to continue living your life to the fullest, as I can tell you do. :)

  2. Thanks Jessica, yeah it is hard... having your body fail you is one of the scariest and toughest things I think a person can go through... I'm glad we are BOTH still here! So far you are the 1st entry in the $25.00 gift certificate drawing! :) WOO HOO YOU!

    Hey, Where are the rest of the comments folks? :) I want a large jar full of lots of names written on my recycled paper scraps!! $25.00 is a handy lil gift cert, and if I get good showing on this one the next time it'll be a lil bigger still...