Friday, June 12, 2009

Patchy Postings

Greetings and Hellos,
It's been awhile again! I have a feeling Summer-time is going to be a bit patchy with the posting if the spring is any indication so far! Between riding my bicycle, tending my wee one, creating randomness, filling orders, teaching 2 different summer camps, farmer's markets, craft shows, and my summer-long mural project for a local youth theatre group.... well.... you get the idea ;) Here is the latest... I have been painting like mad the past 2 weeks, finishing and catching up on all of my Letter orders for ATIONS. Depending upon wether or not varnish is dry enough tomorrow morning (it's SUPER SUPER humid here...) they will hopefully ALL be shipping tomorrow (otherwise I will hold them back until first thing Monday), and then I am totally caught up with the exception of 1 name, and 2 single letters which I'll easily finish next week. HURRAH! See photos below for a taste of the fruit of HOURS and HOURS of loving labor. Anyways, I will be posting new letter styles in ATIONs as I try to polish my photos and come up with my own designs after several years of mostly mimicking and matching bedding lines and decor. Please don't hesitate to contact me for an original design JUST FOR YOU... I have many good ideas to pull from, lots of experience and passion for painting, and I ALWAYS love the challenge of custom work :)

In other news, all but a few photos in Mama Trashheap's abode have been replaced by newer and better photos. Please take and look if you have a moment and I GLADLY welcome any feedback, ideas for better photos, personal favorites, etc! Most of the photos in Melloheads have also been replaced except all of the greeting cards which have to be re-shot. Those will be fixed this week so be on the look out for that. I also have a few new designs in the works for the next few weeks... I have lots of ideas for the melloheads line but I've been holding off on really going all out on it since sales haven't been terrific... opinions? ideas? Do you like the characters? Does the line just need to be expanded? polished? tweaked? Euthanized? I am really in need of some feedback on this shop, pretty please :)

On that note I should head off to bed... Lennon and I went out on our bike for a couple hours tonight after three days straight of sitting in a chair only exercising my painting hand ;) and I am DOGGONE tuckered out.. Lots to do this weekend, I will be going to see a play done by my little sister's theatre group tomorrow night, attending a family gathering tomorrow morning/afternoon, finishing a few touches on a present and celebrating my niece's 1st birthday on Sunday... packing a couple dozen letters to ship, and putting in several hours of work to help out my parents business ( whew, lots of fun but I am definitely going to need to conserve energy by getting some "beauty sleep", lol! Good night all and have a wonderful weekend, I will try to check in at some point next week.
Later Gators,

P.S. ALL PHOTOS can be clicked to zoom and see full detail.. and in some of these there is A TON of detail that will be missed if this is not done :)


  1. "... creating randomness ..."

    Yes! A sublime idea.

  2. Ugh, I hit return and it posted! Before I could say how cool those letters are. I don't have any kids. Stuff like this always makes me want kids. I ask you: how shallow is that?

    You could totally manufacture educational busykits for kids to love.

  3. aw thanks :) I guess it could be shallow BUT I'll take the compliment, AND I totally understand... I really want a girl whenever I see one of those super adorable little gingham dresses :) BTW I also have painted letters for the childless or grown children set as well... they make fantastic decor in breezeways, kitches, bathrooms, etc... I can do a word (love, eat, relax, imagine,etc...) or I've done last names (ie The Smiths, or just: SMITH) and they can be done in any design or theme you could imagine... I made a set in cow spots for my mom that just says "cow" for her to hang in the dining room :) Annnnnyways...

    In other news, the humidity got the better of me and the letters were not ready to pack this morning for fear of damage in transit. SO monday it is...


  4. J's name looks amazing!!! I am soooo excited

  5. Since I am more awake now, I will leave a better comment. I have been looking at the photos all day, and showing people at work. I can not wait to get these hung up in J's new room. I cried (cause i'm a dork) at how sweet the Jonathan Express was. I can not even begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the thought and hard work that was put into creating this for him. I know he is going to really enjoy checking out all the details.

    I will be ordering again in the fall, after my bff has her baby. They aren't finding out the sex, so I don't want to order the wrong name.

    Anyway I am soooooooooooo excited and really can't say enough about how great your work is. Thank you again!

  6. Hmmm...I have an idea cooking but I'm not sure how doable or serious it would sound. I don't see an e-mail where I can send it, is there one listed someplace else? It's just an idea at this point!

  7. I can't get over how completely amazing the "R" you created for Rex is! Your work is phenomenal! I can hardly wait to see it in person! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put in to making his letter perfect!

  8. dogimo: I'd love to hear your idea :) You can email me directly at

    Katy: I am SOOO glad you love it! :) The surface area of that particular font is tight so it was a tricky set to come up with... I'm happy that they went to someone who appreciated all the work that went into them and I am tickled to know that they will be loved and enjoyed by your little engineer ;) My son Lennon kept coming over while I was painting and saying his "train train".. and then he'd run and get his little toy trains and would sit next to me playing with them :)) Little boys are so wonderful! ALso, I would be HONORED to do some letters for your bff when her little bundle of smiles arrives, you know where to find me :)

    cyswife: I'm very glad to hear that the letter was well recieved... I was worried about wether or not it would blend into a wall since i wasn't sure if the wall was red or blue... I must give credit to my baseball fan mama who suggested the finishing touch of the "autograph on the sweet spot" :) Glad you and Rex love it!