Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tag Sales and Painting

I'm about to head off to bed but wanted to post a quick update before I do since its been almost a week and a half since my last post... Time flies when you're having fun! :) I've been working so much lately and I spent all last week either painting preparing for the tag sale I had this weekend... My signs were the prettiest tag sale signs you've ever seen (all painted works of art) and I had so many comments on them from the visitors at the sale... and it was a pretty successful weekend... I saved the signs which will be reused several times this summer... I'll snap a few shots next time around...

I managed to finish a couple of orders from Ations, as well as completing most of another (just waiting on a few letters to be shipped in to finish it up)... They all came out great, and I was even able to squeeze in a set of letters today for my sister-in-law's soon to arrive nephew, the set came out great and I hope he and his mommy love them! Anyways, if you have ordered letter sets or PIFs you should be recieving your order over the next two weeks. I am on a mission to get all current orders done this week soooo.... :)
I have also updated a whole lot of my listings this past week and listed all of the kids writing paper I had designed and previously mentioned... which started selling IMMEDIATELY! Get'em while they're hot! ;)Seriously, How awesome to have sold several orders of paper within the first 48hours! I will be designing a whole lot more of it soon... Finally, I am hoping to get started on the mural project (the inside of practically and entire building) once I catch up on my orders... I can't wait, I've been planning out these murals for over a year now and had to put it off after I got sick last year... my paint brush is ITCHING to hit those big empty wall! I shall dream of murals and gigantic paint buckets with dancing brushes tonight.... Until next time


  1. I love it! You know you are a crafter when your tag sale signs are beautiful!

  2. I am so excited! I can't wait to get J's letters.