Thursday, April 16, 2009

Animal Antics

Greetings and Good Morning Enablers!
I spent nearly all afternoon and evening yesterday working on some new designs for my printable stationery and signed art prints that will be in mama trashheap's shoppe. I came up with what I think are some SUPER cute designs for the animal lover and/or vegetarian N vegan crowd. Hope you like them (see photos of the stationery below). I also spent the entire morning raking the front yard and chasing Lennon away from the road :) Which, despite the 3 years worth of sticks and stones among the leaves, was actually fun in this beautiful weather.. I did get a nasty sliver in my hand from the old cruddy wooden rake, which was NOT FUN... at all.. its still in there and it kinda hurts, it is in my right hand and I'm gonna try and dig it out soon, I am not looking forward to the digging... but pain or no pain, it won't stop me from CREATING!

That's all for now, Lennon was up half the night coughing and I'm not quite sure if he is sick or if his throat was just irritated from the meltdown he had just before bed... either way he got so upset when I tried to give him some homeopathic cough syrup that he proceeded to throw-up on the bed... so now I have to go wash all of my bedding... What a fun night... hopefully I leave you now.. to A MUCH BETTER DAY!


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  1. Adorable! I love the cow's little udders. Is that wrong? Hope Lennon is feeling better- maybe some tea with honey?