Wednesday, April 15, 2009


...I fell asleep without posting, but I have to go on a quick rant about how much it sucks when you accidently save over computer files you worked on for 2 hours and didn't save anywhere else... sigh.. I made this really cute crazy penguin stationery... and then I saved another stationery I did after that over it by accident. Sucky suck suck. Oh well, anyways, I came up with several really cute designs for some Printable stationery sets I'm going to be putting up on Mamatrashheap's Curiousity shoppe (see photos below). I'll be working on some more today, including a great little set for the Veggie-heads out there.... A couple of them aren't really eco or green themed in any way but, they were just random cute ideas I had... and that's pretty much what Mama Trashheap has become the venue for... Randomness ;) Anyways... I'm going to take Lennon over to the playground for a bit, and then later me thinks I'll be drawing and possibly painting some new printables.. be on the lookout for cute critters creations coming soon!!!!!!!! :)
Later Gators,

All Images Copyright Kalee Prue 2009

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